Membership and communication with the Retirement Board Office doesn’t end us when you retire. As a retiree you will receive a monthly retirement allowance payable on the last business day of the month through direct deposit. Remember to keep your December statement for your total health insurance contribution for tax purposes. On or before January 31st or each year you will receive a 1099-R Tax Form with your reported earnings for that year. Bi-annually you will receive our Affidavit request form to complete and return to us to ensure your benefits are continued. Occasionally you will receive notice from our Office about Retirement Board Elections and Legislative updates. It is important that you update the Retirement Office when changes occur, whether it is your address, telephone, email or marital status. The Retirement staff are available to answer any questions regarding your Retirement Benefits, update your Direct Deposit to your Financial Institution or Federal Tax Withholding amount.

All questions concerning health or life insurance should be directed to the Town of Saugus Benefits Office at 781-231-4051.